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We specialize in cleaning high-end residential homes. Our Premium Window Cleaning Package includes: Interior and Exterior Windows, Screens, Tracks & Sills. We offer a 10-50% discount when you sign up for our “Regular Maintenance Program.”




Crystal Clear started out serving offices and restaurants. Our consistent quality service and competive pricing has allowed us to to maintain some of our accounts for 20+ years. We have many references available upon request as well as the “references and reviews” page.


In order for your solar panels to operate at full capacity they must be regularly cleaned. Most Solar Panel Companies recommend a cleaning every 6 months. We use Pure De-ionized water and specialized soft-bristled, scrub brush to leave your Solar Panels as clean as your windows. Sign up for our a “regular maintenance” program and leave the scheduling to us. We’ll contact you when it’s time for another cleaning.


Neglected gutters can lead to clogs causing rain water to over flow. While this is obviously not an ideal situation this can also cause serioius damage to your home. Clogged gutters fail to properly drain rain away from your home potentially leading to a leaky roof, water damage to the interior/ exterior of your home, and even a failing foundation. You have more important things to do, so when it comes to gutter cleaning, allow us to do the dirty work. Sign up for a “regular maintenence” program and never worry about your dirty, clogged, gutters again. Not sure if you need a gutter cleaning, ask about a free gutter inspection when you hire us for one of our other services.


We also offer pressure washing. We can remove unsightly stains and ugly mold/ mildew from the exterior of your home, balcony/ porch/ deck, patio, and hardscape.


What is low-pressure washing you may ask? 

It’s simply the safer, non-damaging alternative to high pressure. “Soft” surfaces such as stucco, wood, decaying brick, etc… should never be “blasted” with high pressure. High pressure can blast stucco right off the wall, force water in between your siding, and cause serious damage when not used in the proper setting. We utilize low pressure methods to clean “sensitive” surfaces ensuring that when we’re done, your property is in the same (but cleaner ? condition as when we arrived.


In addition to our other services we are now proud to offer low pressure roof cleaning. Those ugly stains and black streaks on your roof are caused by mold and algae growth. Besides the unsightly appearence, this growth can and will damage your roof leading to leaks, foundation problems, and pre-mature roof failure. Using our low pressure roof cleaning method we can safely and effectively remove this growth and restore your roof to it’s “like-new” condition.

Why low- pressure?

Many pressure washing and roof cleaning companies are still using high-powered pressure washers to blast away the mold, grime, and growth on your roof. Your roof tiles or asphalt shingles are NOT designed to withstand this kind of high pressure. Look at it like this. Mold and algae grow roots that attach to and penetrate the surface of your roof. This leads to cracked and eroded tiles/ shingles. The possible faults of blasting an eroding surface with high-pressure are apparant even to an untranined layman. Besides the possibility of further erroding the roofs surface, high pressure is known to force water between and below your tiles/ shingles, effectively wearing your roof down much more quickly nature would and causing problems that either didn’t exist before or are now much worse than before the cleaning. The last, but not at all the least, important reason to not use high pressure is because it doesn’t really work. As stated before, the whole reason to clean your roof in the first place is to remove the mold and algae that’s growing up there. While high pressure does “appear” to remove the stains, it fails to actually treat the problem, and instead only deals with the symptoms. High pressure doesn’t work because it only removes the stain and does not effectively “kill” the growth that caused the problem in the first place. Home owners who have thier roofs cleaned in this manor can expect the growth to reappear much sooner (sometimes within 6 months) than those who hire a copany using the proper roof cleaning procedures.

Our Method

Our roof cleaning solution can usually be applied from the ground or roof line. This way we can avoid unnecessarily walking on and potentially damaging your roof. To clean your roof we utilize a low pressure “roof cleaning” method. We apply our specialized roof cleaning solution with low pressure pumps (under 100 psi). The solution starts to work on your roof immediately, effectively killing the growth not just on the surface, but all the way down to the roots. After the solution has done it’s job, we rinse it off and your roofs as good as new. You can expect this cleaning to last at between 5-10 years, and rest assured knowing that you will get the most out of your current roof before needing a replacement. All roof cleanings include a free gutter inspection/ cleaning.


Hard Water Stain Removal, Exterior Lamp Cleaning, Window Screen Repair, Skylight Cleaning, Interior Glass and Mirror Cleaning, Glass Shower Cleaning/ Restoration, High Dusting/ Cobb Web Removal.

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